“Facts, not opionons” •

This guide is based on an innovative mathematical discovery. It’s written for everyone who works with drums: musicians, audio engineers, music producers, and sound designers. This book outlines all the necessary concepts to understand the behavior of drums and drumheads. In addition, the author explores some fundamental ideas in music theory and acoustics in an approachable manner that is helpful for comprehending the practice of tuning drums. It is written in a way that is easy to understand right away, allowing you to apply the technique in the real world and consistently get fantastic results quickly. Imagine a drum set tuned so that it always sounds perfectly crisp, full-bodied, and under control. It can reach loud volumes without having to use much force, and it always sounds great no matter the environment it’s placed in. Imagine being able to predetermine the pitch, feel, and sustain for each piece of your set to express your full personality and creativity. Imagine every drum meshing beautifully with the rest of the kit, while being totally immune to the interference and unwanted resonance caused by the other pieces being played. With this game-changing method, this is all perfectly attainable. This is the definitive approach to tuning drums, which gives you the power to achieve the sound you always desired and be able to replicate it in any context.

Download now a PDF preview containing the table of contents, the introduction and the first 4 subchapters of the book.