LAST•TUNE is the ultimate tuning guide for all percussive instruments with single or double drum-head. It is based on the most innovative and revolutionary mathematical discovery resulting from the research in the physical-mathematical field of the sound-engineer, producer, teacher and multi-instrumentalist Larsen Premoli. The Book is published by Kesytune Publishing and made available through Amazon in a volume published in Italian, and in its translation into English. This site makes available to owners of the book a series of exclusive multimedia tools, such as the ‘DrumTuner  APP – which contains all the algorithms and mathematical formulas illustrated by the author in the book – rather than the TONE REFERENCE generator. Furthermore, the portal contains sections that are constantly growing and updated, such as the one dedicated to Video Tutorials, or the one that will collect the many tunings of the endorsers and famous artists.

Obtain total control of the three fundamental parameters without compromise and with total predetermination.

Choose the note you want for each drum using the PITCH MAP which shows you the average, minimum and maximum values for each piece of the drum-set, and the INTERVALS table which helps you calculate the right distances between notes.

Decide the length of the sustain for each of your toms by choosing from 10 different options that use logarithmic ratios useful for creating moderate musical intervals between the frequencies of the beating and resonant heads.

You will have the mastery of obtaining different tensions for your beating skins not by varying the pitch of the drums, but by varying their sustain: an approach to find the right feeling under the sticks with the same intonation of the whole drum-set.